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SelectPrep provides SAT and ACT Test Preparation services, college admissions consulting, and free SAT practice tests and sample SAT questions. We also offer mobile SAT Test Prep on the iPAD and all Android Tablets, including the Kindle Fire.

Core Concepts

The SAT, despite recent criticism, remains one of the more merit based components of the college admissions process.

It is admirable to argue about the social and demographic statistics of the SAT, but the real task for a student is to go inside an actual SAT test to see how it works.


The most important thing the SAT tests is a student’s grasp of logic. The test operates on principles of reasoning. Test designers test the same things on every test-without

recycling questions- because they always follow strict rules and patterns in writing new questions.

“Training” to recognize these rules for standardized tests is the

easier, faster, less costly, and more effective approach.

 Students don't back their way into a good score.Don't ever do a new test, or even a new section, unless you have learned something from an older, already completed test.  t's what we call the 7/11 Routine. 





Do you know these facts about the SAT?


The directions at the beginning of each section are misleading. Are you really looking for the “best” answer?


The SAT is NOT a vocabulary test. Should you memorize a lot of SAT Vocabulary? Knowing what you don’t know is a key element in the test design.


Most of the Payback is in the question, not the answers.


Omitting a question can GAIN you points.


Guessing is DEADLY.


There are only twenty or so error types possible in the Grammar portion of the Writing test. The SAT designers can’t invent new grammar errors.


You can have spelling mistakes in the Essay and still score a perfect 12.


You can get more wrong answers in one test than in another and still get a higher score. Do you know that the test is “scaled”?


The SAT has a design that can be “reverse engineered”. We’ve done it!


Logic, not tricks, is the key.  


We aim at rational

SAT/ACT test prep.


Original, creative, practical, and always logical advice and ideas to succeed on college entrance exams.


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